Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I am reading lots of American blogs this week which are full of the plans people are making for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Many of them will be travelling tonight to spend tomorrow with their nearest and dearest. Others are busy preparing their homes to receive guests.


I pray that they will have safe journeys and a truly blessed time as they celebrate together.

I read a piece last year by Garrison Keillor [author of ‘Lake Wobegon’ books] regarding the saying of a prayer of thanks before everyone tucks into the turkey [and stuffing, and cranberries and pumpkin pie…]

He said that he felt uncomfortable saying Christian prayers in front of dinner guests who may be atheists, Jews, Rosicrucians, whatever… so he has painted his prayer – [see below] on the wall of the dining room.

It is sung to the tune of the Doxology – and GK finds that if he looks up and starts singing, then everyone in the family joins in!

HARVEST PRINTABLEAt Corrymeela with Mags, two weeks ago, we collected our supper from the hatch, and sat down and began eating - then when everyone was served. a bell was rung, and we were asked to spend a minute in silence “giving thanks in whatever way feels appropriate to you”. I mentioned this to a colleague at school, and she said “We ought to be more mindful and give thanks more”

Grace before meals is a habit I have been taught since childhood – it is what we do in this house. I am always grateful when we visit friends, and they ask Bob to say a word of prayer before we eat – even though they may not share our faith, they acknowledge what we believe, and they do want to share our sense of gratitude for God’s provision. Do you give thanks at mealtimes? how and when?

[thank you Kristen for these free Thanksgiving printables – here]

Give Thanks

O Lord we thank Thee for this food

For every blessings, every good

For earthly sustenance and love

Bestowed on us from heaven above

Be present at our table, Lord

Be here and everywhere adored

Thy children bless, and grant that we

May feast in paradise with Thee


  1. We're a bit hit and miss on the saying of grace thing- as you now know! Hmm. Was complemented today at 2 to 3 club for my black dots on green t-shirt- made sure to give you full credit! "It didn't look at all homemade!" Ha ha- Jane Brockett here we come- today's fav bit in John Lewis ad is the Gruffalo costume. I think I'll have a daily fav bit every day from now until Christmas! Well, I would if I was Frances!

  2. We say grace before dinner every night--a simple child's grace, the same one I said growing up. Thanks for Thanksgiving good wishes. It really is a lovely holiday, and I'm looking forward to a restful, relaxing day thinking of the many things I'm thankful for, including your friendship.



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