Saturday, 19 November 2011

You Tried, Jamie, But…

jamie usa

Despite all your efforts to help my obese cousins across the pond, I think the message has not hit home. Even Michelle [FLOTUS] Obama has campaigned for healthier school meals – but yesterday Congress voted that pizza is a vegetable! It therefore counts highly towards the nutritional content of school meals. Check out the Guardian article here and this one here.


Congress has affirmed that “Two tablespoons of tomato puree on a pizza makes that count as one half-cup serving of vegetables.”

jamies GBI suspect they are a lost cause, Jamie – so stay here, and travel Great Britain in your van instead.

You’ve done Essex [my county of birth] and Leicestershire [where I live now] – will you be visiting Norfolk sometime?


  1. I heard that on yesterday's news. That is just sad.

  2. Haha, as a dinner lady I know that spaghetti hoops is counted as a vegetable - but pickled cabbage isn't. Work that one out! :) It's a funny old world.

  3. Oh, did I miss J.O. calling Martha Stewart "darlin'" again?.
    Jane x

  4. What? My children will want to emigrate. Though can we struggling mothers at least concede that pizz does have redeeming features- like said possible vegetable content????

  5. Here, d'you know what? Sign me up for Top Tips. They'll not be inherently thrifty but I'm mulling (get it, mulling) over PfA here now and I think we strawberries might have something to say after all!


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