Saturday 2 June 2012

Before And After

Have you been watching Channel 4’s “The Hoarder Next Door”, with the scarily orange Stelios?

stelios & hoarder

I sit there muttering “I’m not that bad, am I Bob?” But when I am very busy, then I know I let the clutter build up. I come in with a bag of stuff from school/preaching/sewing club, drop it on the floor, and dash out to the next commitment. I fetch something down from the loft, but then it waits on the landing till it gets delivered to the intended recipient.

Here’s my house on Wednesday evening.

Bags in the hall, on the landing, on the beds, boxes on the sofa…

31 5 12

My house now – after three days of intense housework

Clear landing and hallway, spare beds clear, and Union Flags draped hither and thither, and even a Jubilee table centre in the immaculately tidy Dining Room.

31 5 122

In case you are wondering what is hanging on the loft ladder, it is a set of blue butterfly wings. I was talking to a colleague about her School Production.

“I need a set of blue butterfly wings” she said.

“Ah! I’ve got some in the loft” I replied “A friend at church gave them to me”

Another colleague suggested I should open up the loft for guided tours, like a National Trust Property. I said I would be afraid that an innocent member of the public might disappear up there behind the Great Stash and never be seen again!

I am pleased that all is straight again before the Jubilee Weekend and the trip to Cornerstones!

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  1. Please send the "Tidy Fairy' over here once you have finished with her. She needs to visit Chris' workshop!
    Jane x


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