Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Toad Away!

It is four years since one of the schools I work in did “Wind In the Willows” as their summer production. I made lots of costumes and even dressed little toads for the star performer and the staff involvedIM002644

They are doing WITW again this summer. But some of the costumes have gone AWOL in the meantime. So I’ve been asked to make a dozen waistcoats, three jackets and a Mole costume[and some ribbon armbands for the dancers]

I went to the market yesterday for camouflage fabric and other bits. Last night I used an old waistcoat to cut a pattern [from strong card] and cut out the pieces. Today I have sew almost non-stop all day

8.30am – twelve waistcoats and linings all cut out


11.30am – shoulder seams done and linings sewn into place


12.30pm – all side seams done, waistcoats completed. Have lunch!


Afternoon project – produce an ‘old fashioned policeman’s jacket’

old police uniform

I found a small black woollen ladies jacket in a charity shop.


I shortened the sleeves and used the cut off bits to make belt loops and epaulettes. I reversed the front fastening to left–over-right, and stitched a strip of Velcro down. I replaced the 5 dull buttons with a row of 5 brass buttons, and 2 more on the pockets, and one on each epaulette. I added a leather belt [charity shop]


They have a helmet in the cupboard at school – so the Constable just needs to find a pair of black trousers and that’s done!

Now to cut out a camouflage jacket for Sergeant Stoat -whilst watching Detective Inspector Barnaby in Midsomer on the TV!


  1. You have GOT to stop working miracles if you EVER want to put your feet up! Kidding aside, you are a wonder! You really are! I love how The Wind in the Willows keeps popping up. Oh, I love them so!

  2. Wow, you've been a busy bee. I'm impressed with the jacket.

  3. Great work on all those costumes - hope the end of term production goes well.
    Love from Mum

  4. Is there anything you can't sew?
    Jane x

  5. Wow, you may have missed you vocation,wardrobe mistress first class,I am watching Barnaby too ,repeat though it Jan xx

  6. They look fab - you've transformed the jacket completely. I have a sewing day planned for tomorrow - I hope I get on with it as well as you have!

  7. Wonderful costumes! You need to film your production of WITW and post it online. I for one would love to see it!


  8. Great work, especially on the policeman's jacket! Re-fashioning something like that is a fun challenge.

  9. How impressive is all that!? I can't sew to save my life, so I'm really impressed by people who can. Well done, you!

  10. Mmm, Angela, you will always have a second career to go into. Wonderful work.

  11. What would we do without you!


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