Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bob Wonders If I Have Lost My Marbles!

One of the consequences of a very busy few weeks is that the garage has got exceedingly cluttered, as bags of ‘stuff’ have come back from various events. We’ve been trying to sort things out a bit so that Bob has room to do things at his workbench.

One of the Jubilee Banners, which got remarkably muddy was unrolled and hosed down, and has been hanging on the fence to dry. Which seems a rather futile act in this weather!


The leaves of my Palm Tree came back from school when my colleagues Dinosaur World display was dismantled – and so we had to put them back in the box and strap it up. Then we dug out the smaller artificial trees to go off to the Pandora Production.

Some of the Jubilee Picnic Stuff will be needed for the Holiday Club Barbecue, so it has been kept. I stood in front of this sign until Bob said there was absolutely no chance of going on the slide this week!


I checked a box labelled ‘corks, cones and bottle tops’ and found one of these had fallen inside it. Now Bob has cramp!

G Cramp

I started moving biscuit tins – most of which were empty – and wondered why I have twenty six stored in the garage alone. I really need to get rid of some of them. Some are really attractive, others are plain dull [and it is not as if I have any interesting 1920s Peek Frean tins, or that notorious – but very valuable – rude Kate Greenaway tin from 1980]

If someone gives us biscuits for Christmas, I always keep the tin. Then when I do get round to using it to store a cake or something, I say “So-and-so gave us this shortbread. She was always so kind” I must learn to be less sentimental. Bob thinks I need to learn to cherish the memory without retaining the item!

DSCF3996But inside one tin, I was surprised to find my Kilner jar full of marbles and the glass pebbles I use for flower arranging.

So I have not last my marbles after all!

I need to find a local Saturday Boot Fair and offload some of this stuff [if only I had a free Saturday!]


  1. Great that you found your marbles! Have a great week

  2. I once kept a broken flan dish because it was given to us as a wedding present by our friend's Mum. The Mum had died and it was all we had left of her.
    Jane x

  3. We never ever thought you had lost your marbles Jan xx


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