Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Make A Winged Helmet

…in under ten minutes! As well in the WITW costumes, I am also helping my ‘other’ school make costumes for their production of Pandora’s Box. We needed a helmet for Hermes. Posting this as a really fast tutorial for anyone else who needs a Hermes/Mercury winged helmet.

I used a tatty plastic Fire Chief Hat [50p charity shop] The badge was extremely worn.


I peeled it off. Then I printed out two ‘angel wings’ from some clip art I found on the Internet, and used Bob’s foam tape [Poundshop]


And I turned the helmet BACK TO FRONT before I stuck on the wings!



And that simple action of reversal helps to turn it from a helmet for Fire Chief into one for a Greek God!


It took longer to type this tutorial than it did to make the helmet.

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