Friday 8 June 2012

I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue!

No not this one [hilarious though the programme is]…

I do miss Humph!

…but rather something fascinating I learned the other week. I’d been asked to do some Greek Myths with the children at school – and with 5 year olds you do have to pick and choose carefully [and I admit to some Bowdlerization here and there] I decided to tell them about Theseus and the Minotaur.

I checked out the details about King Minos, and the labyrinth – and Ariadne and her thread [Niccolò Bambini painted this about 300 years ago – many of the versions say she gave him a ball of red yarn]

ariadnes thread by bambini

And that is when I found out that when she gave him a solution to his problem – a ball of yarn – she was giving him a clue. The old English word for a ball of yarn is a clew  [later on the spelling changed to clue] The children at school were just as fascinated by the word as I was.

My Great Stash is full of random clews. I am currently working on various projects to use them up! Will post pictures when they are completed.


  1. Do you know that myths and legends are Mattman's favourite things! We'll be reading this together later! I am looking at a weekly crochet project on a blog which I thought would be good for using up bits of wool- I think it's blairpeter.typepad? A sort of Aghan sampler which obviously looks gorgeous in the photos!!

  2. I've been sorting out some of my stash today actually so I found this fascinating. Euro 12 is starting today so I have plenty of knitting hours coming my way
    x x x

  3. Congrats on winning Finding Fun x x x

  4. That was I have to casually drop it into conversation!
    Jane x

  5. That was really interesting to learn. Having spent the last five years teaching two of my children at home, I would what I have liked best about it is learning loads of stuff along with them.


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