Monday, 11 June 2012

Foiled Again!

Sorting out my assorted carrier bags this morning, I came across this Aldi Freezer Bag. We usually take bags with us – so I can only assume this was purchased on an unplanned visit on a hot day!

It’s certainly quite an old bag. [and let‘s have no funny remarks about its owner, thankyou!]


In the corner, you can see that the outer layer has split


I suspected that the loss of the ‘air pocket’ will have seriously reduced its insulating properties. So I ripped the plastic all away.


The resulting silver bag, which is tougher than an ‘average’ plastic carrier, will be stored with my Christmas stuff. Add a festive bow, and it will make a good bag for large, odd shaped gifts.

Another fancy heavy-duty paper carrier had a split bottom, so was duly recycled – but the two handles have been saved – two half-metre lengths of pretty silvery grey cord – to go in my ‘gift wrap store’


I would rather have more money to spend on the gift than fritter it away on the wrappings – but that doesn’t mean I cannot make the gift look attractive.


  1. I recycle wrappings too, they are too expensive and pretty not to.
    Jane x

  2. Smart! We pass gift bags from birthday to birthday, family to family. I had a nice bird bag that came back to me recently!

  3. What a great idea, Ang! I really don't like spending money on wrapping paper, gift bags, etc., and am always looking for creative ways to wrap.


  4. Good idea! I wonder if you could have run the bottom of the bag through your sewing machine and stitched the seam closed? I like to do different things for wrapping gifts. Newspaper is great with a newspaper bow.



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