Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sweet Treats

A bag of sweets is a welcome gift for a friend – but can be a little dull. It hardly has the same glamorous appeal as a box of chocolates! The embroidery machine was out for another project, and I had an idea.[You could handstitch if you don’t have a machine]


So simple that this tutorial needs few words!

Draw circles on interfacing using a jar lid. Cut out and apply to a circle of cotton fabric. You need to make the diameter of the cotton TWICE that of the jar lid.


Tack fabric circle to a nappy liner [this enables you to hold it firmly in the frame]




Edge with lace


Empty bag of toffees into a jar, and fix on the ‘hat’ with an elastic band.


Trim with a ribbon bow. Done!


Here’s a little stuffed toy, who is currently sitting beside my sewing machine – made for me by an 11 year old I have been teaching this term! She designed and created him all by herself.


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  1. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the "sweetest" (sorry). I wish had a sewing machine, I see all these lovely ideas on various blogs and get so jealous. I've been hunting on freegle but not had any luch yet.
    x x x


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