Friday 1 June 2012

Lewis Carol

Martyn Lewis, Martin Lewis

They are easy to confuse

But one has I and one has Y

One’s Money, the other’s News

martin lewis

martyn lewis

I have a lot of respect for both these guys.

Martyn Lewis,[pictured right] the older of the two and former newsreader [did he really retire from newcasting as long ago as 1999?] is a consummate professional – and does a phenomenal amount for charity. He is particularly involved with the Hospice Movement, and two years ago became chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. I remember his marathon stint in the TV newsroom on the day that Princess Diana died. Good bloke. Deserves his CBE.

Martin Lewis,[pictured left] is founder of He has done so much to help people learn to budget, and manage their finances, and become debt-free. And now he has just sold MSE [see BBC website] for £87 Million Pounds.

Bob calls him ‘shouty man’ because he does tend to get excited and raise his voice a lot. His website is great, full of useful tips – I know lots of people who visit it regularly. He has always worked closely with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, because they spend a lot of time helping folk with debt issues.


This afternoon he has announced that £10million of his £87million to charity. Some will be going to CAB to help them continue their good work – he has said “As soon as the deal completes, I plan to donate £1 million straight to Citizens Advice, which desperately needs it for debt advice as, shamefully, its public funding has been cut”

Good bloke. Deserves a CBE.


  1. I don't know if you are on Facebook but Martin Lewis also announced today that the Martins are expecting their first child in November.
    Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke!
    x x x

  2. I'm not on Facebook - but pleased to hear that news. And Chris Evans and his wife have had their 2nd son today too. Babies everywhere!!

  3. Hope all that money will free Martin Lewis up to spend time with his family :-)


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