Thursday 7 June 2012

Sweet Treats

Just a quick craft idea for an easy gift. Cream toffees may be appreciated by the recipient – but they are a little dull in their packet.
But if you have a screw top jar…
Draw round the lid on a piece of interfacing, then iron this onto a circle of cotton.
TIP make the circle twice the size of the lid. Anything smaller will look skimpy. I drew round a bowl – lid 7cm diameter, bowl 15cm.
At this point I realised the circle was too small to fit my hoop – so I tacked the fabric onto a nappy liner. That gave me enough material to grip firmly in the hoop [and NLs rip away easily afterwards.
The second time, I remembered to sew DSCF3766first before trimming!
Having sewn the wording on the circles, I trimmed the edges with lace.
If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you could  always hand-DSCF3768sew.
[I think if I were doing it by hand, I’d just do a name, or an initial though.]
Then I fixed the mob-caps on the jars with elastic bands.
A ribbon tied over the band covers it up neatly.
I know that having the embroidery machine makes this a quick and easy gift – but even without the stitching, they look prettier than just a bag of toffees.
I think they might sell well at school fetes.
One more picture…
This little chap was sitting by the machine as I was working. He was made as a gift by one of my pupils.
I am so touched that she spent time stitching him for me, and I promised that he would get his photo onto the blog!
Her thoughts and time are much more precious to me than something bought in a shop. Thanks C! Let’s hear it for Hand Made!

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