Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blanket Coverage

This is the sofa at Cornerstones. It is ancient [no, honestly, it is - it was purchased by Bob’s parents about 40 years ago] We got it in 1986. The original upholstery is a cream, loose weave, slubby sort of fabric. Totally inappropriate for a family with small children, so we bought the green fitted covers from Plumbs in 1989.


Bob is not keen on scatter cushions – but occasionally I like to curl up with one under my head. At other times I enjoy snuggling under a blanket whilst watching TV [as do Liz and Steph – is it genetic?]

So I went through my wool stash and found all the balls of DK which were used in the floral print. It has taken a couple of weeks to crochet this massive Granny Square. Folded it can be a cushion – unwrapped it is a warm blanket.



Yes this has been photographed on the plain blue sofa in Kirby – but it is back at Cornerstones now, thanks to the kindness of Chris, who has taken a carrier bag of bits and pieces back to Norfolk with her.

When I was working on it last week in London, Jon said he thought that it was a wonderfully retro project. I am inclined to agree – and very pleased that it was made with Stash Stuff and therefore cost me nothing!


  1. Thrifty crochet blankets are always the best sort, yours is lovely. x

  2. Lovely blanket Ang, and I approve even more that it is completetly stash materials. I need to work on my own stash desperately. I'm working on a little cardigan for DD at the moment from my stash.
    xx x x

  3. Our throws cover a multitude of sins on our 1986 furniture too!
    Jane x
    PS Chris doesn't like scatter cushions, I do...is it a woman thing?

  4. Oh well done- am linking to this on the Hookery blog! Hoping to set up a Hookery evening when next you might visit! Thought could organise simultaneous jamming session with local guitar geeks!

    1. I like the idea of simultaneous hooking and strumming!!

  5. I love your sofa , and your blanket is fab. I have a crochet blanket in the conservatory- great to snuggle under. I had to buy mine as I still haven't learned the art of crochet ( I only paid a couple of pounds at a charity shop though).

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments - I owe it all to Catherine at Kids and Capers who taught me the arts of the Granny Square, back in November!

  7. Very retro and very on-trend right now! (The Bible is right as usual: there's nothing new under the sun. Applies to fashion as well as life.) It's great that you made it all from your stash.


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