Sunday 3 June 2012

Sixty Years Of ...Raining!

We got up early to get down to the School Field for the Picnic. Debated building an ark instead. It was tipping down! The Bouncy Castle Man telephoned and said it wasn’t safe to bring his inflatable. We cancelled the lorry which was to be the ‘stage’ for the Open Mic part of the event. And we hung a banner on the school railings

Jubilee Picnic Relocated to the Free Church

DSCF3876Of course it was still only 9.45 – but when we got back to church, the young people were gearing up for Kirby Fried Church, their monthly ‘worship with a difference’ They had some bunting to hang up


They iced Jubilee Celebration Biscuits


And enjoyed Parachute Games


Meanwhile we hung more bunting outside, and put out signs showing the relocated venue. And suddenly it was 11.30 – the service was over, and church folk were drifting in for coffee. At noon, picnickers started coming in. The church members were brilliant – they arranged more tables and chairs, and welcomed visitors. Tea and coffee was served non-stop.

At 12.30, the Rector led us in the National Anthem and the Queen’s Grace


DSCF3894And we enjoyed our picnics. Dave and Elaine cooked dozens of hotdogs, Kieron arrived with his ice cream van and produced amazing Jubilee Ices, with red and blue syrup.

I was most impressed by the costumes which were being worn [I am in my usual black Euphony Uniform as I was acting as teh Sound Guy’s Assistant- but I did have my union jack socks and ear-rings, and my Tilley Hat was festooned with Jubilee ribbon] Look at these




All the rooms downstairs were full of visitors- I think we had nearly 200 people there – with picnic hampers, union jack tableware, festive cakes ….lots and lots of fun. Hayley did a sterling job with the face painting, and the kids played games and did colouring in side rooms. We had a big screen in one room, showing the BBC coverage of the River Pageant

We had competitions – how many pegs can you fix on Dad in one minute? [actually, lots of these lads ‘borrowed’ Dads for the game]


There were only a few takers for the Open Mic, so we finished a little earlier than planned. The visitors left [thank you to the large group who were in the Tots Room, and came and asked for a vacuum cleaner, so they could clear it up before they left] and the church people mucked in and stacked chairs, swept floors, and left things straight. Practical Christianity at its best.

I said to someone that it was the commitment of our fellowship to serving the community today that makes me so glad we won the Jubilee Award. Bob and I got home absolutely shattered, just in time to watch the very end of the flotilla pageant on the Thames.


It seems to have been just as wet in London too. Steph and Mark said they glimpsed the Queen as she went past on “Spirit of Chartwell” [and also saw Cilla Black close up, on a nearby boat]

I do hope that if you have had a Jubilee Event today it has gone well, despite the weather.


  1. It does sound like a fantastic day ~ despite the weather! :-)

  2. I'm sorry it rained, but I love your happy celebrations!

  3. So much fun! Wish I could have been there for the Jubilee. And those cookies look good ...


  4. So glad we decided to stay for hotdogs, ice-cream and company. A lovely picnic even if it was indoors :-)


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