Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thank You, Martha Stewart

Great Sunday, with the visit of Scott our missionary from Peru [well, he is Scottish, but he works in Peru] and a Lunch after the morning service. Fifty or more people stayed. I had volunteered to bring something for dessert. I made a Jubilee Pavlova, and bought an IKEA blueberry cheesecake.


It is not always easy at communal buffets to serve portions, so I copied an idea from Ms Stewart and cut the semi –frozen cheescake into eight portions, and then lined them up in a row across a rectangular plate. Garnished it with strawberries and mint leaves.


Covering puds with clingfilm to transport to the church was another matter. Take some cocktail sticks and bend them thus…


Now stick them into the puds thus


Now it is easy to cover the plate with film, and wrap it underneath without the film getting stuck to the pudding.


Almost all the food went – but one portion of Jubilee Pavlova has come home for Bob’s supper later! [although it is more of an Eton Mess now]


  1. Thanks for the helpful hint - so simple and so effective. Hope Bob enjoys his supper.
    Love from Mum

  2. That Pavlova looks divine (pardon the pun!). Floss has some great blueberry stuff in her recent post and she's offering the recipes if anyone wants them. Have a good week.

  3. Wow! The "puds" look delicious! You guys are so busy. I like reading about your doings.

  4. That's more gooey cling film.Thank you!
    Jane x

  5. Thanks for sharing that great hint - we are having a Strawberry tea at the chapel on Saturday afternoon and I think that the tip with the clingfilm will come in very useful, as well as the idea with the cheesecake.

  6. What a beautiful Jubilee dessert.


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