Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Last Christmas Present!

That is, the final gift from last Christmas! Steph and I visited my SIL a couple of weeks ago and at last we managed to swap gifts. Only six months late [and we did get it done before Midsummer, which somehow seemed important] Denise and Kevin gave me the most beautiful apron. It is from the V&A and has a design based on some of their 18th century jade green Chinese Wallpaper.

chinese wallpaper


I love the birds and flowers and butterflies. I also appreciate that the apron is huge and covers me up well [I am a messy cook!] and it has two splendid large pockets on the front. Thanks Denise!


The flowers are nothing to do with the apron – but I thought they looked lovely in the blue earthenware yogurt pot. They have lasted a full fortnight – the remains of the bouquet Chris brought us when she stayed the other weekend. What excellent quality blooms. Thanks, C!


Presents are always good to receive- and to give – however late! The latest gift we’ve ever had is a wedding present received in December 1998 [we married in August 1979] It’s a breadmaker, and is still in regular use.

Have you ever had any wonderful delayed gifts?


  1. It's a funny thing, I seem to be the one giving the late gifts. I haven't always been this way...I love receiving and giving, no mater the lateness of the gift. The apron fabric is beautiful!

  2. That apron really is very pretty - I adore the design xx

  3. Beautiful apron, it seems a shame to use it!
    Jane x

  4. The V&A is such a treasure trove of beautiful fabrics and prints. The apron is lovely.

    I'm a late gift-giver too, currently working on the last of 3 late birthday gifts for small nieces. (Which reminds me I'm late on a friend's birthday as well.) Better stop reading blogs and start crocheting. :)

  5. You can excuse late birthday gifts, it is easy to forget a particular person's date - but I do feel guilty about late Christmas ones, as everybody KNOWS when that is!

  6. Yep, you were the first to solve the clue today. I'll be giving you a shout out in tomorrow's solution post.
    Have a super day.


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