Thursday, 21 June 2012

Going On A Bear Hunt…


I needed still more teddy bears for school, so went into Leicester to trawl the plethora of charity shops in the city.

I ended up buying four for £5 – which seemed good value, as they were all excellent quality. After buying the third bear, I met a very large bear outside the British Heart Foundation shop. For a donation in his collecting box, he posed with me – and a helpful passer-by took the picture!

It was a remarkably warm June afternoon – I had to admire him for wearing that all-enveloping fur fabric costume. I think I would have felt stifled.

I hope he raised a lot of money for the BHF.


  1. Oh my that is a rather large bear! I bet that he was a little warm.

    X x

  2. That's a costume? What a disappointment. You do look like you're having a beary good time!


  3. Bears and bears and bears! Kelli brought me a Pooh mug from NYC. It's a great day for bears!
    You look happy!

  4. One of the charity shops in Castle st,. Hinkley always has lots of soft toys inc,. bears always 50p each . There are about 4 ch ,. that road .

    1. Now THAT sounds like somewhere to explore on our Day Off! Thanks for the tip!


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