Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Snakes Alive!

I did something today I have NEVER DONE BEFORE.

We had a visitor in school who had brought some ‘exotic pets’ to show the youngest children. Here she is with her corn snake – and my colleague [also called Angela] holding him.


And then I HELD THE SNAKE!!!!



A few years ago, on holiday, we visited a wildlife place and I got to touch a snake – but this is the first time ever I have held one. I wasn’t scared, I didn’t drop him, and I feel ridiculously pleased with myself for overcoming my nervousness. Then the whistle blew, for the end of break-time – so I never even got to see the tarantula, because I had to return to my class.

He was so beautiful, in shades of orange and gold, with a darting red tongue. I came home at lunchtime absolutely bubbling with excitement about my latest new experience [Bob has to put up with so much from me sometimes!]

I love the way that however old we get, life can be full of unexpected new challenges.

What have you just done for the first time?


  1. The look on your face makes me happy...you look smitten!
    Jane x

    1. Hah! I KNEW that YOU would be the first person to comment, Jane, and would approve of encouraging the children to care for God's creatures!

  2. Love crochet blankets . don't care for snakes, if I ever came across one at Bradgate I would have the vapours.
    Please tell me what to email for the food box

    1. I am told there are snakes in Bradgate Park, but have never encountered one [and would NOT pick it up if I did]

      The food link is here http://www.approvedfood.co.uk/

  3. We went to Longleat earlier this year and my Bob got to hold a Very Large snake - he'd never held a snake and was shocked how heavy it was!

    Things I'm about to qualify as a teacher (yay!) - I think that counts as something I've done for the first time :)

    1. Qualifying as a teacher is a BRILLIANT thing to do. Controlling a class is sometimes like managing a BOXFUL of snakes!!

  4. I've held a corn snake too, they seem to be the go-to snake for schools and clubs, I guess they have a good temperament (in addition to not being venemous, obviously!). You look the consummate professional! I'd not be so blasé about a tarantula though...


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