Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cakes And Ale

DSCF3934Steph works for SABMiller – so gets a ‘beer allowance’ each month. But as she commutes to work on the train, she finds it difficult to bring her ration home. So occasionally my London trips involve collecting her and some bottles from her workplace in Woking.

As it turned out, Tuesday was also the day of the Woking Cycle Race- and her works car park was quite inaccessible. Life is never simple! I parked in the Shopping Centre Car Park, and pushed Bob’s PA trolley all the way to her place.

I felt very silly with the empty trolley – but even more so on the return trip, laden with five boxes of booze. I don’t drink beer, ale or lager! But I do eat cake.

DSCF3931When we got home, Steph showed me her Cake Pops. Half of these are covered in dark chocolate, half in milk [she didn’t have any sticks so they aren’t 100% correct] The cake inside was leftover apple and cinnamon sponge. Utterly delicious.

I didn't get the recipe from Steph, but you can find out all about cake pops and some recipes here and here.


My time with Steph was really good – we visited my SIL Denise [Steph did the driving] and swapped Christmas presents [only 6 months late!!] and after the cakepops, Steph gave me a manicure


I also have matching toes.

Does that mean the post should be re-titled “Cakes and Nail” ?

We chatted till late, then it was time for bed.

Useful tip – if you are away overnight and need to keep things safe.


I do not like sleeping in my jewellery – so I threaded my necklace through the buckle of my watch strap – and fastened my ear-rings to the holes in the strap. That way they didn’t roll off the coffee table and under the sofa where I was spending the night!

I left Steph on Wednesday morning, to go to Liz’s place. Steph and Mark were going on holiday –like Webster’s dictionary, they’re Morocco Bound!

News on the rest of my fabulous London trip later!


  1. The cake pops sound just like Google Buns and Toffee Shocks- can you tell we're reading Faraway Tree these evenings! Oh for those innocent pre-Google google days!

  2. Pretty color on your nails! Yum! Cake pops!

  3. I rather like Peroni, I'd be a bit tempted to pilfer a few bottles! :)

  4. I like your nail colour ditto those cakes ,laughed at you trundling along with your booze ! best of all I loved the kwip 'Morroco bound' Jan xx

  5. Love the beer, chocs, nails and the jewellery idea x

  6. I'd love to hear conversations of people you passed pushing your tipsy trolley!
    Jane x

  7. Those cake pops look awfully yummy! Wish you'd posted a picture of you pushing beer through the streets!



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