Saturday, 30 June 2012

Would You Credit It?


I went out.

In my absence, Bob was trying to purchase some Church stuff online and needed to use the card. It was rejected. He rang NatWest to ask about this.

“But we cannot talk to you, as you’re not the principal cardholder. We need to talk to Mrs Almond”

“But we have had this discussion before and she has given permission for you to speak to me about the account”

“Sorry, I have no record of this, so I cannot discuss the account with you”

“This is rather frustrating. I would like you to register a formal complaint about this”

“I am sorry, I cannot record that complaint as you’re not the principal cardholder. We need to talk to Mrs Almond”


I came home.

Bob explained what had happened. Then it was my turn. He rang NatWest again – and this time handed the phone to me. I answered the security questions, and said please would they discuss this particular purchase directly with my husband. And please could they note on our records that I have given my permission for them to discuss the account with them.

“We will send you the permission form to fill in, but certainly for today I can agree to discuss things with him”

I handed the phone to Bob and settled to work upstairs. A few minutes later Bob came upstairs with the phone. He had been transferred to another department – and they would not discuss anything with him.

“Yes I am Mrs Almond… yes my birthday is still in April…”

Then there followed loads more security questions – including one which I answered with

At the moment I bank with NatWest, but if this saga continues, I may change to another bank!”

What is utterly crazy is that any other female could have been on the phone answering those questions, pretending to be me.

How would they know?

Maybe next time Bob should put on a fake feminine-sounding voice!


  1. What bad systems they have. I am sure you will keep your sense of humour

  2. If you are serious about changing banks - look at the Reliance bank - it's brilliant! Run by the Sally Army!

  3. Bank with Smile! I've never had any problems with them in the last ten years, and unlike Natwest, they haven't needed to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Plus they're much more ethical!

  4. I don't even think he should change his voice! He could be you with a cold, or you with who knows what undetected by Olympic drugs-testing supplements!

  5. We had this with nPower, first the chappie wouldn't speak to me because it wasn't my name on the bill, then when Hubs rang they added me as an authorised person, then the third person said we didn't need to do that because my name WAS on the bill already!! So frustrating.

  6. Sounds very familiar! You would think in this technological age they could easily note the systems as to who has permission. I get very frustrated with them and the time they waste.


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