Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 Days Of Creativity Complete!


A massive sense of achievement that every day this month, I can honestly say I have created something.

Today is being spent creating a space for my best mate Chris who is visiting next week – as is usual when Holiday Club and School Plays are in the offing, and crafting and sewing is going on round the clock, the bed in Steph’s room [and the floor and the desk] get covered in bits and pieces.

I am determined to get it straight well before Chris arrives. It is all too much of a bombsite at the moment to photograph [I am so looking forward to her visit and do not want to frighten her into cancelling!] So here is another picture instead -

DSCF1871At our penultimate sewing club of the term, one young lady finished her shoulder bag.

It is reversible – and inside is the plain turquoise, with a navy and white printed pocket. She is justly proud of her efforts.

We were all doing different projects last night – pincushions, pennie pockets, and fabric flowers. I may post a tutorial for the flowers at some point.

And then I came home and ran for over 2 miles on the treadmill. Tired but happy!

flaming june

It was warm here again on Wednesday – although not as hot as Monday.

Here’s “Flaming June” by Frederick Leighton.

Falling asleep in the sun like this is not a good idea. I hope she’s wearing sun cream with a high SPF!

I always wear a hat if I go out in the sun or I get headaches.


  1. Well done! I have enjoyed following your posts - not sure I could have sustained 30 on one theme!

  2. I now crown you the Queen of Creativity! Well done!

    I wear 50 SPF, which is how I returned home from the beach pale as a ghost. Sort of disappointing, really ...


  3. Hooray for your thirty days of creativity, Ang! I love the Frederick Leighton!


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