Monday, 27 June 2011

Find A Lobster And Take His Hand…


…dance together along the strand

[the Lobster Dance]

The brief for this one was quite specific

“the dancers need to be able to get into costume quickly. They’ll already be wearing black tee-shirts and leggings. They need some sort of sleeves with dangly fringes to pull on for the Lobster Dance. Can you make them in greeny/bluey/aqua/sparkly sort of stuff, please? A sort of sea/seaweed/waves theme?”


And I pondered on this, and realised I had lots of sparkly blue scraps – and I even had a load of green sleeves [left over from all those sweatshirts from the other school] A bit of modification and I have made eight pairs of snug fitting sleeves.

I reversed some strips so the sparkliness shows on both sides.

I have also made eight sets in red/brown/orange colours.

They’re for the dancers to wear in the Caucus Race [I love that song]

I think that’s it for this year’s costumes. Unless they need a Dodo.

tenniel dodp

Back to the last few teddy sweatshirts…

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