Saturday, 25 June 2011

Don’t Panic!

corporal jones


My Main Sewing Machine is not working properly! I only have straight stitch – no zigzag- nothing fancy. Bob and I looked at it carefully, rethreaded, and removed and cleaned out the bobbin case etc [and puffed lots of air through the works to shift all the green sweatshirt fluff] – but it still refuses to stitch properly on the right hand side. Instead of 3-step zigzag, it only does a 1½step!

janome 25222

It does need a service – last summer I sent the embroidery machine and the overlocker to be serviced – but lack of finance meant I didn’t send this one. It will have to go off to those helpful people at Bambers first thing on Monday morning.


And I may have to borrow one of the Sewing Club machines for a few days to get the remaining costumes finished. At least I have that option – all is not lost! Don’t Panic, Mr Mainwaring, said Cpl Jones


  1. Angela. I did panic,
    Thinking o no not another one you have a couple of death related posts
    I have had a google,and I'm sure Clive Dunn is still a live.
    As the years march on, I find more and more named people departing this life, something that was not so apparent to me in my younger years.
    When its my turn, it would be nice to have most of my faculties. May be its not the memory we have the use of when we go, but the memories we leave with others that is important.
    Thank you for jogging old memories. Stuart.

  2. I remember that service binge from last year! That's really sad about Columbo and his family. I'm quite upset at the thought.


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