Monday, 6 June 2011

Country Life!

DSCF1713Some pictures from Saturday afternoon.

We began at a nearby village fete.

“Is this the way to Cranford, my dear?”

“Oh no, my love, this is the way to Gressenhall!”


DSCF1706The highlight being – actually meeting the legendary Ken Wallis, who invented the autogyro [and flew it in the James Bond film] He is 95, and a very sprightly, extremely intelligent gentleman.

He was eager to discuss his craft with Bob. And he shook my hand! [KW, that is, not Bob]

DSCF1709As is usual with many villages fetes, there were loads of tombolas and raffles.

I did not ‘bowl for a pig’ or enter any of the other ‘chancey’ things.

We enjoyed ice creams DSCF1710in the warm sunshine, but the wind got quite strong. The ladies on the Church bric-a-brac stall became very concerned when their gazebo almost took off and the poles got separated . But help was at hand…


We enjoyed watching the dog show, the owls and hawks, and mostly we enjoyed watching The Great British Public and Their Offspring having fun!

After meandering about for a bit, we moved on to the North Elmham Sculpture Trail and Woodland Walk. Held on the Elmham House Estate [and free!] we loved this experience.



There was a lovely tap in the garden…


All in all a fabulous day – finished off with a meal with the family.


  1. Oh, Bob was helping, not actually swinging from the frame!
    Jane x

  2. He may be my Superman, but he is not Tarzan!!


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