Sunday, 5 June 2011

Not Quite Van Gogh!


Sunday is so relaxed when we are on holiday! I still seem to wake at the same time – but then find myself with a couple of spare hours, because “Church” means just going – nothing to prepare, or take, except ourselves! So I sewed.


DSCF1735I finished my ‘sunflower’ mini kit, [another one destined to be mounted on a greetings card] then tackled the cottages.

I had three of these – but only one set of threads. The pattern was a satin stitch design. I did the first according to  the pattern.




DSCF1734The design was printed on the canvas, and you were only supposed to stitch over parts of it.

I decided that I would do the second in cross-stitch, and use up left over threads from the other kits.

The 3rd canvas can wait!


  1. I am just seeing if I can comment love Justine

  2. Look at you go, Angela! (clapping)

  3. Yes Justine - you CAN comment
    But I am struggling to put comments on this blog myself at the minute!
    I am anonymous on my OWN blog


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