Sunday, 26 June 2011

Going Round In Circles

So my engagement ring has been fixed [thank you Greens]



And now it is beautifully round again, and sparkling as new.

But I have a dilemma, and I cannot make a decision – the ring is old and worn very thin in places. The jeweller said that if I catch it and bend it out of shape again, it may actually break and become irreparable.

I’ve worn this ring almost every day since September 1978. These past few weeks without it, I have felt bereft [it was the same when I left it at home during our motorbike camping holidays] I kept looking at my finger and missing the ring. I know I still had my gold wedding band – but I really missed wearing my engagement ring.

A few years back, some smart jewellers introduced the idea of a ring worn on the 3rd finger of the right hand, and designated it ‘an empowerment ring’ – so I decided at that point to start wearing my Mum’s engagement ring. It fits very snugly there. I tried yesterday replacing my engagement ring with Mum’s on my left hand, but it is too loose and slips off too easily.

Bob suggested I just wear my engagement ring on ‘special occasions’  - but I am convinced that if I keep taking it on and off, I shall lose it.

Do I continue to wear my ring constantly, and run the risk of breaking it for good?

Or do I just wear it sometimes, and run the risk of losing it?

What would you do?


  1. What a dilemma ,may be if you have the money sometime you
    could have it rebuilt , adapted using the cluster part.
    may be for a anniversary, possibly not the cheapest option.

  2. I'd get my DH to buy me another engagement ring and keep the original in my jewelry box where I would see it every day. My original ring was very inexpensive; chosen by me because I told him that even if he were the richest man in the world (wasn't and isn't!) an expensive ring couldn't symbolise our love any better than an inexpensive one. A ring is a symbol even though it's precious in itself for sentimental reasons.

  3. My engagement ring was ruined by a jeweler just before we left the UK, so I no longer wear it. I only wear my wedding ring when I leave the house to go out.
    Jane x
    PS Could it be worn on a chain around your neck?

  4. Metals do fatigue and will snap rather easily. The safest thing might be to have it rebuilt. Could the round part be used in the casting for the new? The older we get the more help we all need to hold together, even rings???. . . . . . I used to have a plush cat made with rabbit skins. I carried it everywhere and wore it out. Mom would take it to the seamstress who made the original. She'd make a new body and stuff it with the old. I was very happy with it and knew that it was still my Kitty. Works for me, Liz

  5. Such a difficult decision. Many years ago I inherited my great grandmother's wedding ring and wore it proudly every day. Sadly it was very thin and eventually split beyond repair. With hindsight I would probably now have opted to wear it occasionally. Sadly my own engagement and eternity rings were stolen from a hotel when on holiday so there are several arguments for and against. The main thing is that he who gave it to you is in good repair!!!

  6. Chris - school26 June 2011 at 20:49

    Tricky one Angela. If remaking yours is too expensive how about having your Mum's made to fit the left hand? If you don't like idea of a new engagement ring how about an eternity ring?

  7. Thanks for all these diverse suggestions - I am still pondering [and still wearing the ring!]
    I shall have to investigate the possibility of rebuilding - but suspect the cost will be more than current [monetary] value of the ring
    2014 is our 35th Anniversary [Coral/Jade according to the various lists] so perhaps I should hold out for an eternity ring then??

    Jan's comment is by far the best - yes, he is in Very Good Repair right now, and the marriage bond is certainly NOT wearing thin, praise the Lord!!

  8. I told you what happened to mine. Lost (the diamond) so it sits in my wooden "jewels" box. It is hard to get used to looking at my hand without it.

  9. Looking at the picture of your ring, I bet it would be possible to take the decorative mount and fix it to a broader and therefore safer band. It would be awful if it broke and you lost it completely.


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