Friday, 10 June 2011

James 2:17


This box is full of lengths of ribbon – and since I took the picture, I have sewn them all on to bands of elastic.

They are for arm-bands and wrist-bands for the production at my ‘other’ school [Not that I have done any supply there for months!]

The idea is that when the dancers wave their arms around, the ribbons will float gracefully and look like rippling waves. But unless they are being worn, they just look like jumbles of ribbon. I am sure there is some sort of spiritual point to be noted there – that sitting in the box/pew doing nothing has little impact – but we need to get out there and put our faith into practice, and then we can ‘do something beautiful for God’


Next week I shall be working on some other costumes – they are doing Alice [again] and apparently need a Mad Hatter’s Jacket and one, if not two, Alice dresses [the MH last time was stick thin, and the 2 girls who played Alice were much taller] Also I have to come up with costumes for creatures in the Caucus Race!

caucus race

But now I’m Making Tracks for the Great Metropolis – so may not blog much over the weekend.

I will be too busy Creating Havoc, or maybe Making Merry!

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