Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Confession Time

When I met with Floss and co the other weekend, we talked about the fact that there are some things which we all keep private and do not blog about.

“There is a time to speak, and a time to keep silent”


When we purchased Cornerstones, in Spring 2009, I didn’t feel able to say anything about it until it had all gone through. Not for any superstitious reason – I just wanted it to be all OK before kind people asked questions.

Because that is what friends do “How are you getting on?” “Is the sale going through OK?” and the like. And if there are hitches, it can get quite wearing giving explanations, trying to be always positive. Similarly with health issues. You don’t always want to shout it from the rooftops. Too Much Information!! echoes a voice somewhere.

heart_thumb[8]However I have been keeping silent about something and now feel confident enough to admit to it. For the last eight weeks I’ve been following a strict regime of diet and exercise, on the advice of my GP.

I was having really bad reactions to the statin medication I was on for high cholesterol - to the point where it was very painful even to walk upstairs. So he suggested I stopped taking them to see what happened. I felt instantly better- but my cholesterol levels went very high again. So he suggested I spent a few months trying to reduce my weight and cholesterol level by means of diet and exercise.

That all began eight weeks ago

gi diet jbm_thumb[2]Bob very generously offered to join my new fitness routine, and diet with me. On our return from Blackpool we began to diet on May 3rd, following the GI plan [using Jennie Brand Miller’s book]. That’s worked well for us, as we can fit in the ‘social eating’ of Church Fellowship Lunches and Funeral Teas which are a frequent part of our life.

A friend at school mentioned a 6K charity run which her Running Club was organising, so I signed up. Bob’s brother – on the point of moving house, generously lent us his treadmill on long term loan. Steph [who runs a lot] sent me a training plan. And now I feel I have actually made some progress, I am sharing it with you.

fatlady_thumb[7]I started at 11stone3 [157lbs] which for my height made my BMI 31.7 – so I was clinically obese. I am now down to 10st 5 [145lb] my BMI is 29.3 so I am now in the overweight category. But my average weight loss is 1½lb a week, which I am pleased about.

And as for the fitness- I’m the girl who asked at school for extra maths so she could get out of hockey [the Head refused, and said she would allow that to anyone in the school except me!] Now I am running at least 1½ miles almost every day on the treadmill. When we went to Cornerstones at Half Term, I ran every day round the Norfolk country lanes. On Monday evening I did my first run round the village here [1.9 miles, according to the wonderful Mapometer site] I was lobster coloured at the end of it.

And in two weeks time, I shall be joining the Desford Striders in an all female event, to “Run For Your Man” in aid of the Prostate Cancer Charity.

So that is what I have been doing lately – and now I can actually believe myself that I am making progress, I am telling you!

Don’t expect a regular declaration of weight loss – I am not into the Slimming Club Mentality where someone announces to the room that “Angela has lost 2lbs since last Wednesday, well done, dear”.

Floss made my day by saying that I was slimmer than she’d expected when she met me for the first time – and friends here have commented that you can see the difference. Bob is losing weight even faster than I am, and it is really noticeable. The other Sunday I said “Did you get any comments on this morning’s sermon?” and he replied “Yeah, a few – but mostly people remarked on my weight loss!” Folk at church have even stopped offering us biscuits now!

treadmill_thumb[3]I have a long way to go – with slow and steady dieting like this, and regular exercise, I should hit my target weight around October. But it’s manageable, and I am feeling much better and so much fitter. Someone at church said she realised that her extra weight was actually getting in the way of her ability to serve God, and so went on a diet. I can see her point.

Don’t expect as many recipes for puddings and cakes on the blog for a bit either. When I pass important milestones, with both weight and exercise, I’ll let you know – but you won’t get daily updates.

And thankyou, especially, to the friends who have been ‘in the loop’ who have been such an encouragement already.

  • My SIL Marion, who has shared some of her Slimming World recipes with me

  • Chris, who invited us for a meal – and thoughtfully found and cooked a British Heart Foundation recipe [a lovely chicken dish]

  • Elisabeth, who took me for coffee but did NOT have cake herself in order assist my resolve to avoid temptation

  • Steph, Simon and Lee who have been incredibly encouraging about the whole running thing, with lots of tips

  • Frank, for the loan of the treadmill [Which is a Milestone 6200HR]

  • Friends at church who have signed up to sponsor my run

  • Liz, who has made lots of really helpful suggestions about food [I have borrowed one of her GI recipe books]

  • Most of all, thanks to Bob, who keeps me going with frequent reminders of the progress being made and my changing shape!

So now you all know - I’ll let you know how things go…


  1. Well done. I have things going on in my life and apart from about 4 relatives ,thats all who knows. I kind of feel awakward around friends thinking i know , they know I know something kind of thing. But as you said its easier to discuss things when you know everythings ok ! lifes complicated sometimes;-)

  2. Wow! Well done you. Do you have a means of online sponsorship for your run? It makes life easy for collection and it's a really good cause.

  3. Good for you! The lack of routine in the pastorate makes it harder, but with Bob on board, you'll keep on succeeding together! ~Liz

  4. Do you have a Justgiving page for your run? I would like to sponsor you, as I know someone who has had prostate cancer, and so it is a cause dear to my heart.

    And very well done on sticking to your regime - it's a fantastic achievement, and all the more so as you lead a busy and sociable life!

    Pomona x

  5. Round of applause. Changing your diet for your health will reap more benefits than you can imagine.
    Jane x

  6. Well done on your new exercise and diet regime. I know a few people who have had major problems taking Statins.

    Will definitely donate to your sponsored run - very close to my heart as well, my Dad has prostate cancer.

  7. Well done Ang! We'll hopefully both be trim and fit by Autumn! :) xxx


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