Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Let There Be Peas On Earth…


I’m working on developing my horticultural skills, and today will involve creating a meal involving pea shoots! The crop on the window sill is flourishing, and I’m frequently trimming bits to add to salads and wraps, and make garnishes. Jo’s comment was helpful “cut the pea shoots off just above the first set of leaves then each pea plant grows another smaller set of shoots”


I shall persevere with growing peas, as I’m clearly having success with leguminous plants. I had a Sweet Pea kit for my birthday from Chris- which came with its own pink pail. I planted them up, and…




I hope for some lovely flowers before too long.

Also in the garden we have a wonderful crop of poppies – they have self-seeded, and they are such a vivid shade of deep red, with black centres to the petals.

They are quite different from the delicate scarlet poppies we saw in the fields in Norfolk over half term.

The weather is so changeable this week – yesterday I sat outside in my sunhat, preparing a sermon for Sunday – then had to bring in the washing because of a sudden shower. Today has been similar – but no repeat of Sunday’s downpour, fortunately.


  1. Frozen peas for us for tea tonight, and I have long given up trying to grow poppies out there! We had sun today, and yesterday!

  2. Your crops are looking good, Angela! I love poppies. Yours are lovely!


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