Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bind Us Together

Bob returned from some Pastoral Visiting yesterday with a carrier bag of goodies for me. A friend is decluttering prior to downsizing from house to bungalow [must go and take lessons from her before I retire to Cornerstones] and sent back with Bob some haberdashery and fabric bits. The bag included yards of bias binding, and this wonderful pack of Woolworths mending material.


Another friend on Sunday gave me a carrier of bits – including a bag of Cross Stitch kits. Just when I had finished all those other mini-kits, some more come along…


I hope I have finished all the teddies now. The borrowed sewing machine is going back to church tonight for Sewing Club, and I shall concentrate on hand-stitching for a bit.

Thank you again to the people who are sponsoring me. Sadly I cannot run and stitch at the same time, or I am sure I would!

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  1. Oh, how nice to receive a stash of useful notions! I feel so joyful looking in my sewing basket. I feel rich having such effective supplies even though I've lost a little ground with my sewing. You are a sewing servant, Ang, always helping and coming to the rescue!


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