Saturday, 4 August 2012

Supplies Have Dried Up!


In recent months, I’ve seen a number of craft ideas using ‘Souvenir Tea Towels’ – the sort that say “Visit the Norfolk Broads” or  “Welsh Castles” – you know, the ones that your Auntie brings you after her holiday, but you never use. So they end up in Charity Shops.

The trouble is, I have been in about three dozen different charity shops, and have yet to find ONE of these. Now I know they are out there [mostly in the West Country, it seems, and being bought by Froogs and co!] but why are there none in the shops round here?

I am not fussy – I am happy with cotton ones, they do not need to be pure Irish Linen – but I cannot find one for love nor money [well, I draw the line at paying lots of money for new ones – I just want an old one or two to cut up]

Do people in Leicestershire not buy them? I am told that the two most popular East Midlands holiday destinations are Skegness and Spain – neither of which is famed for dishwashing. Furthermore you are not going to buy your niece a teatowel from Skeggy if she went there herself last week, are you?

cottoncheckOr do people round here all have dishwashers – and just a few plain check drying up cloths?

Or have I missed the boat on this one? Is there a local teatowel fanatic who purchased all the towels in the spring?

Anybody got any ideas?


  1. I have some linen teatowels which my mother bought in the uk over 50 years ago - and they are just such good quality that I use them all the time! Would love to get more but these days the linen seems much rougher.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm intrigued by your plan to cut them up....?

    1. That will only be revealed when I get some!

  3. I will look out for some for you - Love Froogs xxx As you know, I love these and believe a housewife can never have too many tea towels xxxx

  4. Thank you Froogs _ I shall definitely be looking out for some next week in Norfolk

  5. Have you tried Ebay or advertising a 'wanted' ad on your local 'Freecycle' site? I'll have a look out for you - but you'll probably get inundated now with souvenir tea towels!!!

  6. I love them, mine are well worn and so faded I can't read where they are from. My favourite one of all time was 'Flags for Royal Navy Signalling'...well it would be wouldn't it!
    Happy hunting!
    Jane x

  7. Ha ha! That IS interesting! The antique shops here seem to have what decorators are currently using and I always hope that what I want, the fancy people DON'T want.

  8. Now I really want to know what those craft ideas are! We don't seem to have souvenir tea towels here in the States. My towels are mostly of the check or plaid variety. Good luck with your hunt!


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