Thursday, 25 August 2011

32 Years- Board, But Never Bored!

Purchased in Waitrose this week – FairTrade rubber gloves


…so I can get out the Brasso…


…to polish this…


…the little silver vase from the top of my wedding cake!

Today is our 32nd Wedding Anniversary

No major celebratory activities planned- but I did put the vase on the breakfast table next to the Weetabix. The original flowers were fresh ones – these silk ones have lasted a little longer.

Jamie Oliver boardNo extravagant gifts – but Bob always writes me a special love letter on days like this [how romantic!] and he has also given me a serving board á la Jamie Oliver. My board is handmade – using the piece of wood Bob had left over from mending the garage door at Cornerstones!

It is smoothed and sanded and oiled, and I love it!


So thank you Bob – for 32 fabulous years of joy, love and laughter.

I can honestly say I have never been bored with our marriage!

france 2006B

This is Bob in France in 2006, celebrating our anniversary then with a large ice cream sundae in Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

I have to tell you that he is much slimmer now!

Congratulations today are also in order to all those GCSE students who have done well in exams – especially to my niece Lucy who rang me with her results earlier!


  1. 32 years is a wonderful achievement, methinks! Congratulations, lovely two!

  2. Congratulations Angela and Bob!!

  3. Congratulations! :) (hubby and I write each other letters each year too, it's what I look forward to most) Have a wonderful day together! xx

  4. Hi Angela, a big Congratulations to you and Bob.32 years is just fantastic!!...i have 15 under my belt so a way to go yet :)
    I love your blog and really look forward to reading more, just wanted to say a big thank you for your message as well, its so nice to be meeting such lovely fellow bloggers xx

  5. Congratulations! I love to hear of happy marriages, there are so many nay sayers out there.
    Happy day to you both.
    Jane x

  6. 32 years is a lot to be proud of, well done and enjoy the day and every day xx froogs xxx

  7. Many congratulations! That's twice as many as us (so far).

  8. Congratulations to both of you!
    Does this call for a pink bottle?LOL!

    Sandie xx

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both from Chris, Emma and Paul x

  10. Happy anniversary! What a lovely accomplishment--32 years--and you still just a girl. The cutting board is lovely. Will you share with us the contents of Bob's note? No, I thought not.



  11. Happy anniversary to you both. xxx

  12. Much to be thankful for! ~Liz

  13. What a wonderful post Ang. Many congratulations and you know what home made things are just the best, The though that has gone in to them. Here to many more years to come


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