Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy To Be Home

We had a good journey back from Norfolk [him on motorbike – me in car with two cycles on roof] and found the doormat hidden under a mound of post. My buttons’n’bows blogswap has arrived from Pondside in Canada. It is lovely

DSCF2230Inside the envelope was a card, a cross stitch chart and 4 voile bags.

The chart is for a Christmas stitching, which can be framed, or made double sided as a tree ornament. It’s very clever – it looks like a Christmas tree – but when you look at it sideways, the design says the word “Cherish”

Expect to see this featuring again on the blog before December!DSCF2231

Then some really pretty buttons, and some hand tatted lace, and an assortment of ribbons.

I love the large round amber coloured button with the diamante star centre don’t you?


I confess I’m not altogether sure what these two items are. Each a couple of inches long, with coloured beads threaded on silver wire.They are a little long to be ear-rings, and the end loops imply they are not hat-pins. But they are very beautifully made. Am I being dense?[probably]

Can someone advise me on a good use for this pair, please?DSCF2232 

The  two smallest bags are teabags – flavoured ‘Zen’ and ‘Passion’ and Pondside instructed that I should enjoy a cuppa and think of her. She had also tucked in two shells, from her walk along the seashore.


The photo doesn’t show the wonderfully iridescent lilac-blue colour. I think relaxing with Zen, whilst remembering her – and my own walk by the sea yesterday will be a fitting end to my holiday.

Thank you, Pondside – and thanks again to Elizabeth at French Village Life for arranging this one.


  1. Are the two long things stitch/place/row markers for knitting?

  2. How lovely! Glad you're home after a happy holiday, and fantastic things to find on your mat...

  3. It is lovely!!! Welcome back! :)

  4. What lovely things to find waiting for you, I do love the beautiful star button, but canr help with the two 'things'..

  5. I'm so glad you liked the package, Angela. I was given those two long pin 'things' a while back and never knew how to use them. I thought you might have fun thinking of a purpose for them!


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