Friday, 5 August 2011


bbq marshmallowsIt is a lovely sunny evening, and we are off to visit friends for a barbecue. I have the obligatory pack of wooden skewers [which I have been soaking in water for a while] and a bag of marshmallows.

If you’ve never roasted marshmallow kebabs over your bbq, you have missed a real treat.

I am wearing my leggings and my “Isaiah 61” tee shirt, which is my current favourite [apart from my Mission:Rescue one, of course]


It is a beautifully warm evening, and not a time for thick jumpers and warm skirts.

But we are going over on the motorbike. So I shall wear my leathers over the top. It will be easy to peel them off when we arrive. We have seen too many foolish young riders this summer wearing just shorts, teeshirts and without gloves. Their only protection, the obligatory crash helmet.

The mantra is ATGATT – All The Gear, All The Time – and this is why.


Bob is an extremely good biker, I would not ride pillion if I felt unsafe with him – but it is madness to get onto the bike without adequate protection. I am sure Denise and others will agree.


Rant over…off to the barbecue.


  1. You are so right. We do see youngsters here dressed in light clothing, zipping through the traffic, so foolish.

  2. That went well? The week, the plagues, the rant???

  3. Hope you had a good one, and glad you wore your gear. I cringe every time I see someone going down the freeway without a helmet. ~Liz

  4. Please, please post of picture of yourself in your biker's leathers! Please?


  5. Totally agree - when hubby sees somebody on a bike in unsuitable gear he always say"He obviously hasn't come off YET!"

  6. This is very interesting blog for the riders. Who ride the bike without safety helmet, gloves and most of other thing?


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