Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Twinkles and TeaPigs

cherry tree gifts

I have blogged before about Cherry Tree Gifts, a nearby shop run by my friend Sarah [they now have a website here]

Her cousin Anne has just opened a new haberdashery, called “Twinkles” in the same Shopping Parade. I called in to have a look yesterday afternoon. Not all the stock has arrived yet, and the shop sign has yet to go up – but there was still a fair amount of stuff to look at…


They have sewing notions, crafty bits and bobs, books and patterns, knitting wools, crochet supplies and scrapbooking goods …with lots more yet to come. I shall check them out again after the holiday.

I went across to Cherry Tree Gifts to sit down and have a cuppa


Sarah was busily arranging her new jars along the shelf. “I have taken pictures in Twinkles to put on my blog” I said. “Mention I have Teapigs now” said Sarah. So I have!

teapigs EBI just wanted a refreshing pot of tea, so opted for “English Breakfast” – but Sarah carries the full range. Not only that, but it comes in a china pot, which pours properly [grumpy old woman that I am, I hate those dribbly stainless steel jobbies!]

The Teapigs' Ethical Scheme was set up in order to make a difference to the tea growing regions and communities they buy from. At the same time it also offers a personal insight into life on tea estates. Many people are surprised to hear that Rwanda produces some of the finest black teas known to tea tasters. Teas from the Pfunda tea estate, based in the lush green hills of Rwanda make up 40% of Teapigs English Breakfast Tea. The Noel Orphanage, home to 600 children, over the road from the tea estate. The tea estate provides annual support to the orphanage and Teapigs is contributing to the ongoing financial requirements.

teapigs noel orphanage
Sadly, Rwanda is more likely to be remembered for a history that saw an estimated 800,000 people lose their lives and left many thousands of children orphaned than for its fine tea. I’m glad this project is helping those children.

And thanks Sarah, for the tea!

cherry tree gifts


  1. That's inspiring - tea and a good deed!

  2. Teapigs peppermint tea is just about the nicest I've ever tasted. It's awesomesauce. Next time, try that!


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