Wednesday, 10 August 2011

REALLY Relaxing!

We went to the cinema this morning to see this


I was sort of holding out for a trip next week – to see H Ford and D Craig in ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ – but I got the feeling Bob would prefer this one today. He has read all the HP books and seen the films. I should explain, I have only read the first HP book, and that bored me rigid. Recently I have tried to watch the earlier films when they were shown on TV, and still don’t get it [unlike Narnia, and The Rings which I greatly enjoyed]

I am sure that if you like HP, you’ll probably like this one – although Bob did say he did not think it was the best HP film. I was relaxing so hard that just after the beginning I FELL ASLEEP!

I haven’t done that since we went to Revenge Of The Sith in 2005. I woke up to find Emma Watson had turned into Helena Bonham Carter, and was quite confused.

hP nevilelongbottomIn the end, it all worked put just as you would expect. All a bit too clichéd for me.

I did like the pattern on Neville Longbottom’s cardigan though. I am not sure you are supposed to go to the cinema to ponder on the merits of Fair Isle Knitwear! I bought some wool on Tuesday and began a new project. I will take photos and share details soon – but right now I am still at the ribbing stage.


  1. I've never been a fan of HP, maybe it's too grown up for me? How lovely that you had a relaxing little nap!

  2. Oooh, I like that sweater, too (I've been in a knitting mood as of late). I've tried to become an HP fan without much luck. I like Mrs. Weasley best--that shows you where my heart is.


  3. Still oping to go- we both loved the books, though Prisoner of Azkaban remains my favourite- want to see the film just to have done that thing- but have found the later films disappointing. Am reading Philosopher's Stone to boys at bedtime, at their request, but don't think it works as a read-aloud. Chapters toooo looong. They'd do better to read them themselves!!! Have also to agree with Frances- Mrs Weasley's house by far the best bit in any of the movies!!

  4. Sorry ladies....but I love the HP books. Not so keen on the movies though!
    Jane x
    Gosh, hasn't 'Neville' grown up!

  5. Ha ha ha! Frances is so funny and YOU are, too. I like Mrs. Weasley best, too! And I have only read the first book and was also bored. I am SO glad that I am not alone. I went to see the film with Bill. I stayed awake. Shocker! He gets miffed when I drop off to sleep so that made me laugh to read that you DID, Angela! Oh, thanks for the chuckle. I'm glad you are relaxing!


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