Sunday, 28 August 2011


DSCF2247All summer I’ve been wearing my WWJD wristband. This was one of Mum’s favourite mottoes [years before they made the bracelets] and I like it too - it challenges me to think about my actions.

But this year, I realised things have changed. I have lost weight – the bracelet needed to be tightened up a little - so now on the inside of my wrist, all I can see is WWJ. How do I finish that phrase?


WWJS – What Would Jesus See?

It is so easy to look at a situation and make a superficial judgement. 1 Samuel 16 reminds us that God looks on the heart. I cannot see into someone’s heart – but I can take time to look beyond the obvious, and see if there is something behind it, and respond appropriately

WWJH – What Would Jesus Hear?

So often in the Gospels, people asked Jesus a question – and his answer made it quite clear that he understood that really they were asking about a different problem. Particularly in pastoral work, that is important – I need to be a good listener.

WWJG – Where Would Jesus Go?

Jesus went to the places where He was needed, to show God’s grace and greatness. I do not often find myself having to choose between two destinations – but wherever I end up, may His Spirit empower me to ‘Be The Light’ in that place.

WWJA – When Would Jesus Act?

Do I respond instantly, or take time to pray about it first? We can be caught between two extremes – the ‘Tyranny Of The Urgent’, and the ‘Take Time To Be Holy’ positions. Mark’s Gospel is full of words like ‘immediately’ and ‘straightway’ – but I also know Jesus didn’t rush back to the daughter of Jairus, or the sickbed of Lazarus, he didn’t wake up from his slumbers in Peter’s boat, the moment the sea got choppy. Sometimes I need discernment – and courage to wait awhile [or to act promptly]

WWJB – Why Would Jesus Bother?

Jesus bothered to come to earth, and live and die, for us because He loves us. Some tasks that confront me aren’t much fun, they are jolly hard work. They can seem thankless, and frustrating. And I have to remind myself that ‘Is it worth the bother?’ is the wrong question.

How would you complete it…W W J ?

[mustn’t overdo this diet though – I should hate the wristband to be reduced to just WW and have someone think I am advertising Weight Watchers!]


  1. I wondered about What Would Jesus Say...

  2. I would add "L". Who would Jesus love?
    It would make me stop and think when dealing with difficult people.
    Jane x


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