Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pink Drink!

Whilst in Norfolk, we visited Beers Of Europe. Twice. Jon is a keen CAMRA member, and Steph, working for SAB Miller, has a professional interest in the stuff. And Bob is half Belgian.beers of europe

This shop has the widest selection of beers and ales you could imagine. Also a room full of strange, expensive garden furniture. Not sure quite why that is there – unless it is to give non beer drinkers like myself something to look at!

However I did end up buying some bottles – three pink drinks


The first is some Sirop De Monin Cherry syrup – useful for desserts and cooking with – and if I do another alcohol-free cocktail bar sometime. These syrups come in dozens of flavours – they have a fun website. The second and third are Lorina sparkling drinks, one pomegranate, the other pink citrus lemonade. I shall keep these for some special occasion, I think. I love those flip top bottles!

Oh and I bought something else from the ‘reduced to clear’ section


I think it is a box for holding bottles of beer – but despite the fact that the family between them purchased a couple of dozen bottles and more, only two fitted into it! Silly is a Belgian Brewery in Hainault [that’s the Belgian one, not the one in Essex!] They produce a beer called Silly Saison and another called Silly Pils!

The box came back in the car on Monday packed with things like squeezy mayo and ketchup bottles. I have yet to work out what I am going to use this for, but I loved the name.


  1. The expensive furniture is probably for your beer garden.

  2. Those pink drinks look delicious and I love the crate that you bought, I'm sure that you will think of a good use for it. xxx

  3. Perhaps you could use it for non-alcoholic cocktail recipe files holder LOL!

    The 'pink' bottles look interesting.
    I would like to visit the Mill you mentioned in a previous post, it looks fascinating.

    Sandie xx


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