Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fit For Florence

When we were on holiday in Norfolk with Liz and Jon, it was really good to meet some more of his family for the first time – especially his new niece Florence – only three weeks old!

DSCF2291She was wearing a particularly sweet little babygro, with a holiday print of boats, beach huts and bunting. But her Mum was lamenting the fact that the legs were quite short, and she was concerned.

Flo’s Toes were already pushing to the end of the feet of the babygro. So I suggested cutting off the feet [on the garment, not Flo] and that way she would have a few more weeks wear out of the babygro. “I’ll do it, if you like” I said “There’s another one,

they came as a set – a gift from a friend” said Louise.

Yesterday they arrived in the post


You can see that compared to the body, the legs do seem short! Carefully I removed the round ‘soles’. The remaining legs were


longer at the front than the back. There was no spare fabric for making a hem. I found a plain white tee shirt in the stash [unwearable, due to with a red ink stain]and got my large bias tape maker.

I trimmed straight across the legs and measured the width



Then I used the white to bind the edges – first machine seaming round the bottom [right sides matching] then turning fabric to the inside and handstitching a neat hem.


So once Mum has found some socks or bootees to keep her toes warm, baby Florence can wear her smart new outfits again.


I am not sure that ‘up to one month’ is a sensible size for baby garments – especially if your baby weighs 7lb plus at birth – they are going to grow out of those clothes so quickly. It’s all a plot by the manufacturers to get us to buy more!


  1. forgive me I have added you to my reading list, I am new to this blogging and your wonderful blog makes me think! I need to think lol

  2. well done! I too have one of those little gadgets that turn strips of fabric into bias binding - couldn't be without it!

  3. Love this!! Just offered to do this for a friend who would probably find this very handy!! :)

  4. It is such a good idea and little Florence will get much more wear out of these clothes. I have always been concerned to see babies' feet crammed into such a restricted space.


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