Monday, 1 August 2011

Tut Tutorial

Day One of Holiday Bible Club, and our craft today  is making a King Tut mask. This should be fairly easy. I picked up some mask blanks in The Works [£5 for 3 packs – which works out at less than 9p a mask – but you could always cut them out of A4 card]

DSCF2040Colour them yellow – we’re using diluted poster colour and cut-up kitchen sponges for speed.[This will be done when children arrive, so they can complete them later in the morning]

Let them dry, then mark round the eyes and mouth with black felt pen. Cut lots of strips of coloured paper about 1cm wide.DSCF2041DSCF2042DSCF2043

Stick six strips vertically along the top, and about eight horizontally down each side of the face.

Now crease the nose, and using sellotape, overlap and stick the top and bottom of the mouth, to make the mask  3-dimensional.

This bit is fiddly!


Finally you need a ‘beard’ and a star cut from red paper. Fix these at centre top, and onto the chin.

You can put some thread or elastic across the back to hang the mask up, or possibly to wear it. But as it would have been made for a mummy, I don’t think I will be encouraging the children to wear them!

These are my prototypes.

Each group will have one, so they can see what they are aiming at!


More photos to follow…

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  1. I find masks of any description quite frightening! I think it is the hiding of features that does it.
    Jane x


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