Monday, 15 August 2011

Herbs of Grace


“There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray, love, remember. And there is pansies; that's for thoughts. There's fennel for you, and columbines. There's rue for you; and here's some for me: we may call it herb of grace a' Sundays. You may wear your rue with a difference. There's a daisy. I would give you some violets, but they withered…”

Ophelia was very fond of her herbs [she was also a little deranged, but that’s not important right now] I love herbs too. Here are the ones currently looking beautiful in my kitchen.


Rosemary, lavender,mint, myrtle, bay, and rose – all used for culinary or medicinal purposes. This posy was a gift from my neighbour here at Cornerstones – she won First Prize at the recent Village Flower And Produce Show, with this selection from her garden. Her husband came first with his potatoes, but after three years winning the Tomato Class, this year he was unplaced. He says it is because he grew a different variety this time – but the punnet kindly he gave me is full of splendid looking scarlet globes [not that I am an expert!] and I also have a dish of six similar sized creamy white potatoes. Thank you, Barbara and David!

That’s the third of John William Waterhouse’s portraits of Ophelia It’s slightly more cheerful than the better known Millais ‘drowned’ one – but she does have quite a deranged expression, I think!


  1. I went through a phase of being very "into" the Pre-Raphaelite painters in my youth and Waterhouse was my favourite. It was a happy time for me - thanks for reminding me. I shall now go and get out my book of paintings and do some happy browsing.

  2. She was obviously staggering to the end of the school holidays as well....

  3. Ophelia, deranged? All these years I thought I had been cast as Ophelia (in an amateur production) because I had waist length hair!!!!
    Jane x


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