Monday, 1 August 2011

Who Is This Suspicious Looking Bloke?

Why, it’s Agent B from Mission:Rescue, disguised with a false moustache!


Would you send your child to a Holiday Club run by someone who looks like this?

I have no pictures from today’s club, because I was so busy that I never even had time to take the camera out of its case! I am happy to report that everything went well, nobody got injured, the staff all worked really hard, the crafts all got created, and the children left happily at midday. [Although Agent A refuses to kiss Agent B when he is in disguise, as the ‘tache tickles too much!]

I have the right number of plaster plaques made for every child to have one tomorrow- but need to make a few spares in case of breakages. I should manage to get another half dozen done before the session.

So much to be grateful for!


  1. Oh Angela, that is a suspicious looking character. I'm not sure you should be working with him!
    Continuing to pray for energy and stregth for you in this frenetic week.

  2. You must be delighted that your week started so well and are obviously very organised for the coming days. Agent B looks fine to me - I think you are safe enough!!!


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