Friday, 19 August 2011

Normal For Norfolk?

Allegedly, Normal for Norfolk was a derogatory term devised by doctors at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to categorise some of their more 'intellectually challenged' patients (usually from Dereham). The term was then abbreviated to N.F.N. which could easily be added to case notes for the purposes of quick reference.I once had a work colleague in London who used this in her case notes. The NNH has now been turned into luxury flats – perhaps the expression should be retired as well

But NFN is also the name of a gift shop in Wells. Click on the picture to see the detail


They had pocketbooks and purses- but I did not see any portmanteaux or reticules on sale.

I’ve spotted quite a few fun signs this holiday. Here’s a round up of some of my photos.

The bus station at Cromer is fascinating, the sign for drivers seems extremely complicated, whereas the one for passengers is much more straightforward



Mind you, drivers in Cromer do have to be careful of the wildlife.


Wells is full to bursting with over-priced gift shops alternating with discount Poundshops. I suspect this may cause marital disharmony for some people on holiday!


Other people may spend time blogging when they ought to be doing housework. Should I get one of these to put up in Kirby Muxloe?


On Tuesday we stopped at a farm shop advertising  “Wild Birdseed” – do you think it flings itself round the bird table? Or throws wild parties for the thrushes? I was unable to take a picture of that sign – but I did get this shot of another of the things they soldDSCF2145

Is it fair to feed Droll Yankees on bird seed? I know Texans are fond of their ‘grits’ but…

And finally a completely unrelated photograph of Bob and all the motorbikes at Wells on Sunday afternoon – yet again I forgot to get him to take a picture of me in my leathers – sorry Frances!


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