Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Don’t Drink More–Just Eat More!

As I mentioned, Steph works for SABMiller – and they are responsible for the Appletiser range of products


Part of Steph’s ‘salary package’ includes a regular supply of her company’s products. She generously gave me a load of cans of Peartiser when I visited London in July.

I have been enjoying these throughout the summer – but there is one thing that baffles me a little.

Look at this can…


It is all very healthy – no added preservative, no added sugar.

Just the thing to keep in the fridge – and 150ml [which is half a can] counts as one of your “5-a-day” So Bob and I shared a can with our lunch today. Most refreshing!

But look again at that can and the little logo bottom right.

Here is an enlarged version of it


I can cope with the 5-a-day slogan. That is an achievable target, and I have found that easy to explain to my pupils. I like the idea that ‘a portion’ is ‘about a handful’ – so one solitary cherry [or brussels sprout] would be too small, but one whole watermelon [or pumpkin] would be way too much!

But who decided to put the phrase

 Just Eat More

underneath? That is just silly!

In these days of obesity, we surely want people to just eat less?

So they have to qualify the statement by putting in smaller letters below it[fruit and veg] It all seems rather unnecessary.

I must point out that this logo is nothing to do with Steph’s company – it is part of the government health initiative.

feedright feel right

I have this war-time poster in my kitchen – it strikes me that the slogan they were using seventy years ago

“Feed Right To Feel Right” was a good one. It certainly trips off the tongue more easily than

“Just Eat More

[Fruit And Veg]”

On the subject of fruit, vegetables and food in general, I am happy to report that despite a fortnight of rickwarrenfabulous food whilst on holiday, Bob’s weight is exactly as it was when we left on August 8th, and I have lost one pound. 

Bob tells me that Pastor Rick Warren is also dieting, and is encouraging his congregation at Saddleback Church to do likewise.

They are following the Daniel Plan [more info here]

daniel plan

This somewhat controversial diet, masterminded by an aptly named “Dr Amen” is allegedly based on biblical principles. I suspect that if you don’t follow it properly, you may get thrown to the lions!

I’m not yet ready to show ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of my personal diet progress – but I must congratulate Sarah - my good friend [and reader of this blog] who I met up with at church in Dereham on Sunday. Since last summer she has lost over four stone [56lb] in weight, and she looks stunning! Well done Sarah – and thanks for the encouragement.


  1. The French have loads of these little slogans, which pop up between children's TV programmes... they stick in the mind but seem to have little effect on Son 2 ("What do you MEAN, I have to eat TWO green beans???).

    Congrats on keeping up with your diet and exercise. I'm working more and therefore on my bike less, so I'll be looking for an exercise class as one of my rentrée resolutions...

  2. Well done with the diet. I seem to have stuck at a loss of around 12 lbs, but better than nothing!

  3. You are doing really well with the exercise and dieting. I am still on my Raw Foods and exercise. I want to extend to jogging but have a doggy behind the knee pain at the moment that my physio is working on so she strongly suggested NOT to jog, so I will keep to the walking as well as the rebounding for time being.

    As for the slogans, well, what can I say? My younger son who used to eat ALL vegetables except parsnips, now won't touch a veg, although still eats fruit so that is good.

  4. Like Elizabeth, I've lost 12 pounds this year but can't seem to get down any further. I guess that means I need to exercise more. Sigh ... Congratulations on your vacation weight loss. Well done!


  5. Thank you friends. It does seem to be the case that exercise helps with the weight loss - but it is hard to do at the end of a long tiring day.


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