Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Birthday WWW

berners_lee_timTwenty years ago, Tim Berners Lee started it all off! The world's first website,, was launched on 6 August 1991. It explained the World Wide Web concept and gave users an introduction to getting started with their own websites. I only switched on my PC this morning to find an address in my email inbox – but as usual got ‘sucked in’

It is 9.40am, and I have only just got out of bed – having been brought  Breakfast In Bed an hour ago. what laziness! What decadence! [What a gorgeous husband] I am sorry Frances, I know you requested a picture of me on a bike – but without careful searching, all I can come up with right now are these two…


Trip into town to buy buckets [May 2010]

ang & oriel

The picture above [c.1956] shows myself driving, cousin Ollie on pillion. Note the anxiety in her expression, and my determined consideration of the road ahead [is it safe to overtake that man with the camera?] This was on my Dad’s “Ambassador”

After such a slow start to the morning I really must go and sort out packing for the holiday.


  1. A 'biker chick' from birth!
    Jane x

  2. What a sweetie pie Bob is! You MUST rest! You go 100 miles per hour. I love the bucket-head photo. I hope your holiday is deeply relaxing.

  3. I know of a professor who thought wearing a galvanized bucket over his head would protect him from ray attacks of some sort. Thought they were kidding till I saw him walking to class one morning. Takes all kinds! ~Liz


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