Thursday, 11 August 2011

Be Swift My Soles…Be Jubilant My Feet

I started running on May 9th. Since then, I reckon I have done over a hundred miles, either on the treadmill or round the streets. I have been wearing the trainers I bought in 2002, for $10 [on holiday in Orlando]– which were already rather worn, as you can see.

Look at the lack of padding in the insole, and the foam disintegrating round the back of the heel.


I think Bob was getting concerned about the state of my footwear – especially as it was apparent that the running habit seems to have stuck. So he took me off to a sports place in Norwich, where they practise ‘gait-analysis’ [yes, I mis-heard too – this is a five-bar gate, this is a garden gate…] You have to run on a treadmill, whilst they video your feet! Then they advise you. It was all very helpful  [especially the information about the fact that the more expensive trainers differ mostly in their appearance, not their performance, so you do not need to spend £150 r anything like that amount]

I protested that I could make my blue ones last a little longer – at least until a month when I had earned some money Supply Teaching. I haven’t got spare cash to fling about on non essentials, I argued. But once I had tried these on, my protestations weakened, I admit.


Oh the difference! My early morning run round the village lanes is both faster and infinitely more comfortable. Thanks Bob!

Swifter soles, more jubilant feet

[did you recognise the quote? if not, click here]


  1. Being hypermobile, my gait is so odd I suspect that they would all fall about laughing if I submitted to analysis - I would probably have to have a different trainer model for each foot±

    Pomona x

  2. That sounds like a great marketing oportunity for someone - selling individual trainers [buy one,get one free?]

  3. Oh my goodness! You needed new shoes! Bob's smart to take care of this before you suffered some sort of injury. Go, Ang, go!

  4. How can a pair of shoes be so expensive?
    Enjoy being swift of foot!
    Jane x

  5. You deserve new shoes Ang! You are doing so well, and thank you for your lovely comment on my wellbeing blog. The song for today is "Feelin' good" by Nina Simone, yes? :) xxxx

  6. Have a nice day and run soem more! Do run") over to my blog and see my giveway. Thanks for enterign the one Winner to be announced on Friday!

  7. Bless Bob for taking such good care of your feet. It's the best thing you can do for your knees and lower back! ~Liz

  8. So important that you have the right footwear, good on Bob, for sorting you out Mrs! Good on you for continuing with your running. What time of day do you go/find best for you?

  9. When I am in Leicestershire, I have found that late afternoon/evening suits me best for running [after I have got through the day's work]
    When I am on holiday in Norfolk, I seem to get on better if I get up and have a run before breakfast.
    That said, this morning it is 9.30am, and I have only just got out of bed! I do not think I shall run today - other things to do...

  10. Bob did the right thing in taking you for a gait analysis! I'm sure you will certainly feel the difference in your new trainers.

    You are doing fantastically well with your running! Keep it up!


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