Friday, 26 August 2011

A High Brow Rant

ny bagelsI went off to Tesco – they sent me a load of vouchers, so I decided to buy the few bits and pieces I needed there instead of my usual places.

I did fairly well, the vouchers reducing my total spend from £9.66 to £5.36, plus I got 122 points. However my ‘25 points when you spend £1 on home baking’ and ‘25 points when you spend £1 on bread’ wouldn’t go through at the till. The assistant apologised and directed me to customer services – “It’s the computer” she said.

At customer services, there was no problem about the bag of flour – but the assistant said she couldn’t give me 25 points for my New York Bakery Wholemeal Bagels.

“Why not?”

“Well, it is not bread”

“What is is then?”

“Dunno, probably ‘morning goods’”

“I don’t understand, bagels are bread, so surely the voucher is valid”

“Oh no – it has to be a LOAF”

“It just says ‘bread’ on the voucher – it doesn’t specify it must be a loaf!”

“We’ve had OTHER people trying to use their vouchers for FRENCH bread. THAT’s not bread either”

“Can I have a refund please?  I don’t think I want these bagels anymore, if they’re not bread”

So folks, French bread and American bagels are not bread, according to Tesco. Mexican tortillas probably don’t count either – even though the website lists them as ‘bread’! Mutter, mutter…

Outside in the Mall, I spotted a ‘beauty’ concession, with this sign


frida_kahloDoes an

‘eyebrow tidy for £3’

mean just one brow- do you have to pay £6 for both? And how much would they charge Frida Kahlo, do you think?

“Thread with us, without a fuss” should perhaps be our slogan at Sewing Club!


  1. That's Tesco for you, a bit like a certain bank. Quote 'Company Policy!'

  2. I was going to say 'unbelievable' but it seems that these days common sense is in very short supply in the service industries.

  3. You could be really pedantic and compare the ingredients of the bread and the bagel to see if they are the same, then hit them with a huge letter of complaint !!

  4. My Sis had the same problem with seeded rolls!

    There's a Flower Festival and Craft Fair on at St.Peter's at Bardon Hill, Sat,Sun and Mon 10-5pm all three days. I noticed on their site that they have several bloggers exhibiting/selling.
    I might get to go with Sis tomorrow or Sunday.
    Hopefully going to the Wood Fair at Beacon Hill on Monday, loved it last year!

    Have a calm weekend!

    Sandie xx


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