Saturday, 27 August 2011

The End Of The Pier Show

This week, we have been hosting a Holiday At Home at the church for the OAPs – “Kirby Muxloe By The Sea” [we are about as far as you can get from the sea here in the middle of Leicestershire, but never mind] Brian and his crew did a sterling job. Bob was involved with epilogues and technical expertise – but I said I wasn’t going to help, I would put all my energies into Holiday Club this summer.

DSCF2258The final event was The End Of The Pier Show, and I went down to see it. They were splendid – monologues, sketches, community singing – and an epilogue dfrom the Pastor. All good stuff. The holidaymakers told me what a great week they’d enjoyed – an outing to Rutland Water [sailing on the Rutland Belle] great food,good activities

DSCF2255Who needs Gene Kelly, when you have John K singing in the rain, alongside his friend Bob M.? [who then donned lederhosen, and became The Happy Wanderer]



Everyone had a wonderful time – singing by The Promenaders, and music from Janet on keyboard, assisted by teenagers Sarah and Emma [S has just got a set of stunningly good GCSE results too!]

DSCF2254As well as being entertained, the holiday makers got to make their own holiday souvenirs [it is just like a Grown Up Holiday Club!] This included being photographed through a novelty frame, and having a memento to keep.

Here is Brian with his wife Hilary. The other frame was of a bikini clad lady – but I will not embarrass my friend C by posting her picture! [she is much slimmer than the lady]DSCF2260

Thank you Brian and co for such an excellent programme.

Finally, a few remaining pictures of our holiday. Last Sunday, after Marion, Bob and I had been to church, we all went to a Jazz Event at the Garden Centre where Lucy works


Here’s the family on the grass…


I was amused by this


…but Lucy tells me that the lady sitting on the “Please Do Not Sit On the Balustrades” sign is in fact the owner of the Garden Centre!

It was a glorious afternoon, and the jazz finished around 3pm so we drove on up to Salthouse Beach. It was all very spur-of-the-moment stuff. Mark and Jon decided to strip off to their underwear and have a swim [ pictures taken on Bob’s old phone so not best quality, sorry]


They swam quite a way – and mocked us for our cowardice!


Marion walked Poppy and Pippin, her two new puppies, along the beach [they are Patterdale crossbreeds she tells me]


But what’s this? Look Pippin, over there!


It seems to be two women wearing just their underwear, shrieking about the temperature of the water


Yes, Liz and I decided we would brave the waves too. But we are not as intrepid as the boys, and only paddled about, with much squealing. [I’m on the right of the picture, in case you were wondering]

I’m not going to be one of those old ladies who sits in her armchair and says “I wish I had done that when I had the chance” – the sea was there so I went in! It was the last day of my holiday, after all.

But next year, I shall take a proper cossie with me, and also ensure that we don’t all have to share one towel [and that was the one Marion had in the boot for the dogs – but at least we got first use]


  1. Hi that looks like a great event and very busy too. What a great idea. Looks like everyone had great fun cant beat the seaside! x

  2. How brave you all were to go in that chilly looking sea! (And in undies too!)

  3. Awesome- I love the idea of providing a week's holiday for the older people - how lovely. I often feel as if I'm the only person at home in the summer when everyone goes away, old people must feel lonely when their family go away. A brilliant idea! love to all of you in your church xxx

  4. What a brilliant idea , staycations for seniors!
    Jumping around in undies in the sea...can't beat it....although it's a reminder to always wear nice undies!
    Jane x

  5. Oh well done you- next stop the frozen North waters!!! Grit your teeth and keep walking usually does it for me!

  6. Holidays at Home was a brilliant week even as a helper. Emma and i made new friends, made a difference hopefully and had fun! The offending photo of me is on show in our dining room (not many paople go in there!!)

  7. Wonderful post on all sorts of levels!!


  8. Love the holiday at home idea, why should all the fun of holiday clubs be for the children.


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