Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I Will Say This Only Once!

agent A on Monday

Agent A appears to be in anxious supplication – possibly about whatever it is that Agent B is doing [thank you Jan for the picture!]

Years ago I ran a Holiday Club with a dear friend, who was wonderfully spiritual but could not spell. Her list of helpers for the club actually included “Prayer Worriers” – please may I be one?


  1. Tell us the next chapter..it's all very intriguing!

  2. I am loving, loving, loving these glimpses of HBC- keep them coming, please! Tracing Rainbows = God's grace in the every day and the extraordinary day too xxx Suns and I very much looking forward to two local HBCs in second half of this month- for wholly different reasons!!

  3. Prayer worriers...is that anything like God botherers?
    Jane x


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