Sunday, 21 August 2011

No Trouble At Mill!


I can really recommend Bircham Windmill for a great day out. There are loads of things to see and do, and it is suitable for all ages. Check out their website for details of special events. Plus points include

  • decent, clean toilets and baby-changing facilities
  • parking
  • cycles for hire if you want to explore the local area
  • plenty of places to sit down!
  • compact site
  • well thought out children’s activities
  • lots of good clear signage [wash your hands after touching animals and equipment, do not mistreat the animals, be careful on the ladders etc]
  • reasonably priced cafe – the most expensive item on the menu was £4.25 for a ploughman’s lunch [choice of 3 Cheeses, or Bircham’s own sheep’s cheese]


There was a chap doing wood-turning this weekend, and his wife was weaving. They were both very friendly, and happy to explain their crafts [and sell their wares!]



In one area they were selling a wonderful selection of second-hand books and other useful stuff. I didn’t buy the bog book, but Bob was pleased to get one about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

DSCF2191We ignored the worm juice too


Children could have pony rides


Wild Thyme Cottage was great



Thank the Lord for Mabel Perk’s fresh veg and bacon!


Good signage


Mark and Steph at the top, Jon halfway down


We got to see the sheep being milked too.

There was a bucket of water with a rubber teat attached so that children could pretend to do the milking too. DSCF2212



The girls were much better at squirting it into the bucket I noticed!


We had a great lunch, sharing 4 ploughman’s and two pasties between the six of us. There were lots of pickles and pickled onions, a generous amount of salad and freshly made rolls. You could watch the baker preparing bread etc  and children could make bread too, and have it baked to collect later!

10/10 for this one!


  1. Eeee, them were't days! I love working 'museums'. We plan to take our Mexican lay minister, Paco,to one, but we will probobaly wait until winter, to give him the full Canadian experience!
    Jane x

  2. Oh Ang, that bog book is brilliant! I read and re-read it when I was a teenager (but perhaps that tells you what kind of teenager I was...). Other than missing a fantastic read, it does look like you had a jolly good day out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Jane- I shall be praying for Paco, then!!
    Floss- you never cease to surprise me. Wish I'd bought the bog book now!!


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