Sunday, 7 August 2011

Saying Thanks To A Tremendous Team

We had the final event of Holiday Bible Club this morning – our special closing Family Service. It went brilliantly, loads of children and parents there. I only forgot one thing- my camera! But I did remember to take the big bundle of envelopes with me to distribute.

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Writing “Thank You” letters is a habit my Mum drilled into me from the age of 5. She taught me that they must show genuine gratitude, not just be a perfunctory ‘thanks!’. She was, as usual, absolutely right in this practice. So every year we try to ensure that everyone who has been part of the Holiday Bible Club Team gets thanked [daily staff members, craft preparers, hotdog servers…] Bob says it publicly in church, and we put a note on the Weekly News Sheet – but we also send a personal note to them. And that has to be done promptly after the club [and before we go on holiday]

DSCF2075This year I decided to continue with the Egyptian theme and make a pop-up card with a pyramid.

It is a sheet of A4 card, which I photocopied, cut and folded – and I have written a personal message on each card.

I think the design has worked well! Here is the reverse side so you can see how it folds up.


[technical detail for maths geeks– the pyramid is made of two right angled triangles with their hypotenuses running down the vertical fold]

If you want to design your own pop-up cards, check out Robert Sabuda’s brilliant website for some good ideas.

The easy ones are just as effective as the complex!

To everyone [more than fifty folk] who helped make Mission:Rescue such a success, a heartfelt thank you from us both.

And thank you – all of you out there who have sent good wishes and loving prayers and words of encouragement – it has helped so much [especially when energy levels have flagged and my patience has wobbled]

Now I can relax properly and go on holiday to Cornerstones. And yes, PomPom, ElizabethD and others, I promise to rest. Lots!


  1. You must be delighted with the success of last week and I have enjoyed reading the daily reports. You can (must)now relax and enjoy your holiday.

  2. GOOD! Make sure that you do. You've done a wonderful work this week, both of you, and you deserve to have time to re-build yourselves.

  3. Chill out, and eat hummus!
    Jane x

  4. Good! I'm glad you promise to rest. I applaud you for writing all those thank you notes. That is very thoughtful and kind. You are so funny with your maths talk. You crack me up, giving those folding directions! The pyramids are SO clever, by the way.


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